Veser Amaker Hatch (zombiepunched) wrote,
Veser Amaker Hatch

01 (you're not in on the joke)

[audio clicks on as someone lands oh so ~delicately onto the pavement.]


Gnnnnuuuhhh-- what just. Hey what the fuck just happened? Where the hell am I, I was just at the theater. What the hell's going on?!

[annnd he sees the little communicator device and examines it. great lot of good this does him] I'm never gonna find him like this. Gotta find a way back to that theater.

Hey! HEY! How do you get back to the theater? [talking to someone else on the street who answers] What the fuck do you mean you don't know? There's only one theater in this town, you've gotta know! What the hell good are you?!

[ooc: he's. around. :| if anyone wants to run into him. otherwise, voice

edit; HOLY CRAP GUYS ♥♥ You're all amazing but I need some sleep! Hopefully I'll wake up in a few hours to pick tags back up. 8|a]
Tags: intro, one of these things doesn't belong, this is not like the jedi mind trick
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