Veser Amaker Hatch (zombiepunched) wrote,
Veser Amaker Hatch


SO hey I herd you like Veser so I put some Veser in your ms_elegante how do you like that, dawg.

But no, really, considering how little current canon there is for Veser, it's understandable that I'm going to slip up from time to time with characterization. I try to incorporate elements from both the comic itself, along with characterization we see in Tessa's doodles and from comments she makes during UStream sessions. If you ever see something that doesn't seem, look, or feel right to you, drop me a line here. I'll get back to the comment as soon as I can (it may be a day or so depending on my schedule). Likewise, if you have a question about something I'm doing, ask and you shall receive an answer!

Anonymous is allowed, IP logging off, don't abuse it. Flames will be deleted without response. All comments are screened until I respond.

Should you not feel comfortable with any of that and want to get me directly without putting your crit here for everyone, you can get me at one of the following:

[AIM] youreyesdown (I'm almost always on, so if I have an away message up, get me and I'll respond back when I can)
[email] acagle[a]
Tags: !crit, !ooc
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